VL Insurance is also known for heartfelt donations ,whether it’s our time, money or knowledge. Here are some reasons why we think donating to a worthy cause is paramount.

A grateful heart

  • 1- We feel fortunate and want to give something back to society
  • 2- We want to leave a legacy that perpetuates us, our ideals
  • 3- It’s our duty and a blessing to give.

Our organization is dedicated to work in adult literacy in our Community, Fort-Lauderdale, FL

We believe literacy helps

We believe literacy helps people develop valuable skills to improve career prospects and expand their professional knowledge. Developing literacy and numeracy skills in adulthood provides a more profound opportunity for individuals to reach their full potential.

Believe helping people

We also believe helping people develop valuable skills can ultimately reduce crime, lower dependency on social welfare, increase self-esteem and more!

Our Desire

Our desire is to help the world become a better place. We also work in Haiti (La Gonâve), sphere of action includes education and health.

We believe there is a chance for us to change someone’s destiny, whether the sacrifice includes monthly happy hours with our friends, our routine morning latté or the price of an extra pair of shoes we don’t really need, we can pass off our vanity for the well-being of an unfortunate human being.

Do you know that in certain parts of the world $500 can pay for the entire school year for more than 50 students? VL Insurance wants to embark in that beautiful journey of flipping destiny from analphabetism to complete secondary education.