Why VL Insurance

There are 2 main things an independent agent looks for in an IMO:
1) Top contracts
2) Support when needed

VL Insurance goes beyond that. It offers street level contracts at a minimum. Every agent contracted through her agency has her phone number so she can help. If you’re in a house, looking to close a sale or a question comes up, you can have peace of mind knowing she’ll do whatever to help.

Agents of all experience levels have access to quality sales training and product training whilst also receiving some of the highest commission contracts in the industry. She believes that independent insurance agents deserve a much higher commission contract than most IMO's will offer. In addition to quality training, VL Insurance has recruited, trained and mentored agents in many states in the country. VL Insurance represents top companies in the insurance industry and has established relationships with training organizations offering training to their agent force. She offers excellent contracts but above that she offers her time and sincere willingness to help. As a growing agency, VL Insurance provides support, service, and innovative creative services to hundred of independent financial professionals, nationwide.