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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Life Insurance

You'll likely have a lot of questions as you shop for life insurance policies, not only about what you're buying, but also about what can happen after you purchase. Here you can find commonly asked questions and answers about term, whole life and burial insurance. We'll help you make the right choice when buying a life insurance policy for you or a loved one.

How Life Insurance Rates are Determined

Your ability to find affordable life insurance will be based on your life expectancy and risk factors. Underwriters will look at your income and lifestyle, medical history and overall health, your family's medical history, and any hazardous recreational sports or occupations. When getting life insurance quotes, your premiums will be set in part by your "risk class".

Ten Ways to Save Money on Life Insurance

Just as there are different life insurance plans to meet your needs, there are different ways to save on life insurance. There are hundreds of insurance companies offering a wide variety of plans and prices on term, whole life and burial policies. Comparison shopping can save you big bucks. Here are ten ways you can save money on your next life insurance purchase.

What's Cash Value Life Insurance Worth To You

When you shop for life insurance, you've got two basic options: term or permanent life insurance. Term life insurance covers you for a specific period of time. If you live past your policy's term, there is no payout to your beneficiaries. Another option is cash value accounts associated with permanent life insurance which take care of your loved ones after you're gone

How Much Life Insurance is Right For You?

Some financial advisors will tell you to multiply your annual income by seven in order to determine the amount of life insurance you need. Others will tell you to buy only enough life insurance to replace the income you are expected to make between now and retirement. While still others may recommend you buy only enough life insurance to cover your present debts

The Lowdown on Life Insurance Medical Exams

A medical exam often is required in order to buy a life insurance policy, but if you're in good health you have nothing to fear. Following a few easy tips will help to ensure that you receive the best possible results - and thus the best life insurance rates. With an underwritten policy, a medical exam may be required depending on your age and the amount of insurance you are buying. If you're seeking such a policy with a low face value, you may not even be asked to undergo an examination.

Using Life Insurance to Fund Your Retirement

When buying life insurance, it's mainly to leave money behind for a spouse, children, or other relatives. But an increasing number of middle-aged and senior Americans are looking at life insurance for the financial benefit it can provide during their golden years. Some savvy savers and investors are using permanent life insurance to help fund a more secure retirement.

How to Evaluate Your Life Insurance Company

The type of insurance company you choose is just as important as determining how much and what type of life insurance you should buy. When you get life insurance quotes, always evaluate the companies on their financial strength. You can also evaluate your insurer by using tools offered by financial rating firms and your own state's insurance department

Twelve Awful Pieces of Life Insurance Advice

When making an insurance claim, you don't want to discover you didn't buy the right coverage. It's easy to point fingers at agents, but coverage gaps could be a two-way street.Sometimes, friends and family offer bad suggestions and the eventual losses can be huge. We asked insurance veterans about the poor advice they've heard and here's what makes them cringe.Read More...