Term insurance is basic, inexpensive and easy to understand. It gives your client all the coverage they need and none that they don't. That's why it's the best choice for almost everyone.

6 Reasons to Sell Term Insurance To Your Clients

To Pay Final Expenses - To Cover Children's Expenses - To Pay Off Debts - To Replace The Spouse's Income -To Buy a Business Partner's Shares - To Pay Off State Taxes

Whole Life - Participating Whole Life


A policy that provides long-term value to policy owners... Participating Whole life insurance offers a unique combination of guaranteed death benefit protection, guaranteed cash value accumulation, and guaranteed level premiums over a lifetime. Participating Whole life insurance policies may also give your clients the potential to receive dividends.

All The Reasons to Sell Whole Life Insurance To Your Clients

Supplemental Retirement Income - College Funding - Survivor Needs - Charitable Giving - Mortgage Protection - Business Needs - Emergencies

Final Expenses - Why Offer Final Expense Products?

One reason is that this concept addresses the needs of a large percentage of your clients. More than 10,000 people turn age 65 on a daily basis. Their age and their financial status do not matter. There are an estimated three million households that are potential clients for end of life planning. This is often daytime activity. These sales easily lead to referrals. Issue and commissions are promptly processed. There is even true guaranteed issue for those cases not otherwise eligible for the simplified issue, non-medical final expense coverage.

All The Good Reasons to Sell Final Insurance To Your Clients

Cover Medicle Costs and other end-of-life Expenses - Carry a Cash Value - Provides Peace of Mind - Offers Relatively Low Coverage