Why ValuTeachers?


Retirement Crisis

Daunting Facts
Can you Retire with Dignity on $1,800 a month? No Way! School employees are in a crisis!
Challenges facing retiring teachers:

  1. 60% salary reduction at retirement from Teacher Retirement System
  2. Only 25% of school employees are saving for retirement
  3. Rising health insurance costs and premiums
  4. Increased cost of living
  5. Extended life expectancy
  6. Unstable Social Security System
  7. Ongoing economic downturn
  8. Job insecurity in the education field


Making a Difference

The Answer
ValuTeachers is here to provide the answers by:

  1. Helping teachers understand their STRS (State Teacher Retirement System)
  2. Calculating teachers’ projected retirement income
  3. Educating teachers on savings options to help fill the retirement income gap
  4. Helping teachers personalize the best savings plan for themselves
  5. Sharing our success system for maximizing income, savings, and retirement


The Retirement Revolution

Set the Standard
ValuTeachers sets the standard!

  1. Founded by a teacher – for teachers!
  2. Provides education
  3. Offers retirement education simplified!
  4. NOT backed by a bailout company!
  5. Made in America to SAVE in America!
  6. ValuTeachers is ON YOUR SIDE!


Established by a former educator, ValuTeachers is a team of Retirement Specialists who aim to help school employees retire with financial dignity. ValuTeachers was founded on the principle that "Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself" (John Dewey). Our Retirement Specialists service school systems nationally with 403(b)/IRA/457 plans.

ValuTeachers started as a different kind of retirement company. The founder and President worked as a school teacher and a college professor, teaching our future leaders. After leaving education, they discovered teachers and school employees were taking home less than $2,000 per month from their state pension plan, after thirty years of service. They were outraged that teachers and education professionals were left with so little after working so hard. This visionary set out to build a company that would educate every school employee on planning for their retirement—recognizing that teachers and school employees professionally are undervalued.

Watch our video above to learn how ValuTeachers is changing this reality. Then, Contact US and let’s explore the future together."

ValuTeachers - Paula Smith Presentation